Günter Umberg - Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Through 7 July 2019 Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen presents the group exhibition Image and Sight – Seeing in Modernism, featuring works by the German artist Günter Umberg.

A fundamental aspect of Günter Umberg’s work is his profound knowledge of painting as a medium, which he translated into a contemporary context and radically redefined with reduced means. From these considerations, his own distinct form of painting emerged, characterised by his acutely contemporary approach to painting without loosing sight of the traditional means of the medium. Through the materiality of their pigments the sheer presence of the colours engenders an effect of depth pulling the viewer in. The densification of colour leads to a transformation of the material, so that the paintings appear as if energetically charged.

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Günter Umberg - Wilhelm-Hack-Museum